Standing as maverick and a challenger since foundation in 1998, KUMKANG BEND Co., Ltd. started off in the carbon steel and stainless pipe fittings business in South Korea. We have continued to develop year by year based on Korea market and also has looked forward oversea market. We are proud to establish KUMKANG VINA Co., Ltd. in Vietnam in 2009 and have made a soft and solid landing in Vietnam.

There are several reasons to establish the factory in Vietnam but in Korea. We could find the most important reason that is Vietnamese and Vietnam.

In these few year, the KUMKANG BEND have been rapidly growing and expanding its business in the market and we can find the driving force of its growth from Vietnamese diligent employees. We have been understood about Vietnam and established the unwavering faith with the employees.

Therefore, KUMKANG VINA promise to the customer that will be best assistant for customer value creation and will become continuously growing company with the customer based on talented employees and diligent labor force.

We are always ready to accept sincere advice and encouragement from the customers and all officers and employees of KUMKANG VINA, will do level best in providing products that touch the hearts of customer. Your trust is our valuable asset.